Public Documents

The documents on this page have been provided as received from their issuing authority, where a master copy of the documents is maintained. The users are advised to check the currency of the documents with the respective originator/issuing/responsible authority. The document on this website will be updated as and when received from their issuing authority.

Air Traffic Management Circulars

  1. ATMC 09/2012 (Restricted Access)

Manual of Air Traffic Services

Search and Rescue Documents

  1. Plan of Operations - RCC Delhi (Available with RCC Delhi)
  2. Plan of Operations - RCC Mumbai (Available with RCC Mumbai)
  3. Plan of Operations - RCC Chennai (Available with RCC Chennai)
  4. Plan of Operations - RCC Kolkata (Available with RCC Kolkata)
  5. Plan of Operations - RSC Guwahati (Available with RSC Guwahati)
  6. National Aeronautical Search and Rescue Manual (Available with SAR-CHQ, AAI)

Airspace Management Documents

Central - Air Traffic Flow Management (C-ATFM) Documents

  1. C-ATFM FMP Training Hand Book (Available in 'Restricted Documents')

Certification of ATS Personnel (CAP) Documents


Restricted Documents

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